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Why my Alexa Echo can't discovry SR Devices?

Solution: it might be your ALEXA ECHO Device is getting a 5G network ip address from your home/Office wifi router so that's why our SR Devices WiFi 2.4ghz can't be discover by your ALEXA ECHO.

You need to setup or assign a 2.4ghz wifi network ip address from your home/office WiFi router to ALEXA ECHO and then power cycle ALEXA ECHO. Then you use Alexa App from your smart phone to try discover device. it will find the SR device.

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    How to remove old WiFi profile and setup new Wi-Fi Profile ?
    How to fix my device that is not update or Sync data to cloud site ?

    Answer: Hold Flash Button for more than 25 Seconds.
    Any SR Devices Purchase before 2023 need firmware update for this feature.( Please email Tech Support with SRD number provide in email or Use (LIVE CHAT) to get Direct IT Support.

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