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How to Load SR device firmware into
Wi-Fi device using any Windows System?


Step 1

Download Windows Version Flash Software for SR Device. 

Click Here Download SR-Flasher and unzip to your desktop
Step 1-1 Download following firmware file to your desktop




Step 2

Windows or Mac System - USB Driver



Step 3  

Install and start Flash Software by click into folder win32 or win64 release exec file name ESP8266Flasher

1.  Go to Advance do following setting just like the photo

2.  Select the COM port SR Device is on, go to Config tab setup setting 

3.  Select your SR_Flash_Mode6.bin file and make sure last line  0x00000


Go back to Operation and click Flash.



Advance Tab Setting


Flash Operation example for your reference !!

And wait a moment.

Program success.

Setting your own firmware.

When the path have some error (e.g. file not exist), the line will become red.

 Step 4
Once completed
Unplug device away from your windows PC system

, Power up device from a strong 5V 1A or 5V 2A wall USB or power bank usb port

you will see device have a blue led light come up

you will have to setup your home or office router Wi-Fi profile into device.

By look for a wifi AP station name SRXXXXXXXX and connect to it using your smart phone or PC or Mac for input & save Wi-Fi profile into device. make sure device is getting internet access from your wifi router and your wifi router give ip address to the SR device. then go to next step


Step 5 ( if SR device already in your account, you can skip this step )

Once completed Step 3
Go to HTTPS://
Signup or Login your sentry robotic account and click
+ icon to add your device with SRD# show on the OLED screen.

 Step 6

Then select firmware that you want and
click save then wait 5 ~ 10 mins for your device to loading firmware that you selected.

That's all and Enjoy

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Hot Answer

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    How to remove old WiFi profile and setup new Wi-Fi Profile ?
    How to fix my device that is not update or Sync data to cloud site ?

    Answer: Hold Flash Button for more than 25 Seconds.
    Any SR Devices Purchase before 2023 need firmware update for this feature.( Please email Tech Support with SRD number provide in email or Use (LIVE CHAT) to get Direct IT Support.

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